"With personalized care on each and every journey, come join with us to explore this small isle of wonder in the Indian Ocean."

About Holidays-Lanka

Founded back in 1983 by Mr. Linton Fernando and now continued on by him and his daughter, Holidays-Lanka remains one of the most trusted and innovative travel and tour operating organizations in Sri Lanka to date.

Specializing in tailor made tours that caters to the tastes of the individual traveler, our expertise is unparalleled and our knowledge of Sri Lanka unequalled. Whether you are a solo traveler searching for untrodden paths, a group of friends or family looking for some adventure and quality relaxing time, or a couple on honeymoon earnest in forming lasting fond memories, or convention delegates gathering for a cause, we have something for everyone.

Back in 1983, when I was still very young and had a lot of energy in me, I wanted to wander around the world.

Well the world to me was our little island. I had always been the one to plan our school trips with all the destinations mapped out & the distances and the things to do etc., which made me realize not only did I have the passion but also the knack for organizing travel plans.

So thus was the beginning of me becoming a tourist chauffeur. I joined an already established travel company back in the day and worked there as a driver-guide for 07 years. It was there I learned a lot of things for the first time, while travelling with people from all over the globe.

The experiences and insights that I got from these days were always very interesting & exiting, which prompted me to establish my very own company in year 1989.

I have since had many people come to explore our little island with us. From different nations, different ethnicities, different backgrounds & with different perspectives. Some have left lasting friendships behind with countless memories. Some have become family. And now I continue to offer our best service together with my daughter, Nathasha, who has a passion that surpasses me for all things natural & good, and my trusted group of drivers who are dedicated to providing the best of everything to our clients.

Why we are the best OR what makes us different.

We give our clients what suits THEM the best.

We at Holidays-Lanka understands that each person is different. No 02 people can be the same, not even twins!

Bearing this in mind, we do not push an already made-up, run-of the-mill sample route on you or any of our clients. What we do is, we ask each & every one of our clients about their own interests, their likes & dislikes, their personal choices when coming up with a suitable vacation plan. You tell us what you like & we take care of the rest!

Knowledgeable drivers & guides with professional & friendly service!

It’s very easy to suggest places to visit but it’s not always easy to liven up the experiences.

Our drivers are well rounded, fun-loving & witty people who will guide you through the most different terrains with such ease & expertise that will leave you with a feeling of pleasant contentment.

We see you through to the end, no matter what.

We all know how stressful it can get planning the perfect vacation! We worry about a ton of different things, least of it not being the reliability of the travel agent & driver you’ve selected.

Don’t you worry! We are responsible for you as long as you are taking our services. We make sure your holiday is a success and you have something to rave about in the coming years!

Off the beaten track!

We do not take you only to those popular touristic places which are frequented by lots of people every day.

It’s our belief that an excursion is more enjoyable when one has opportunity to explore around them. With a bit of adventure thrown in, we take you on untrodden paths to see those hidden gems one may have in every country but seldom visit.

We love to in-cooperate our culture & traditions

As you know, every country has its own back story. Their own legacies. So does Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is home to lots of different ethnicities, religions, social groups etc. In this magical blend of humanity we find numerous praxis, age-old art forms and village crafts unique to different parts of the isle, colourful festivals and distinctive rituals. We would love to include you in these various aspects of our local heritage.

Our Services

We, Holidays-Lanka , herewith provide a wide range of unique services which meet travelers' expectations and fulfill their holidays with memorable experiences. Our vast experience in the travel and hospitality industries in Sri Lanka for over four decades will ensure our quality of service with a unique touch. Apart from our services, we can provide all tourism-related services, experiences, and activities, so please use our inquiry section and let us know how we can assist you. Thank you

What Our Clients Say

Very professional, everything went perfectly from the reception by Linton at the airport to the driving tour with Thomas. I highly recommend!

Miguel Romero Rodríguez

Lyon, France

très professionnel ! partez avec une compagnie locale qui ne vous décevra pas. Un chauffeur a votre écoute et la gentillesse et le professionnalisme de Linton et Natasha

Tiphaine Novi

Carcassonne, France

professionnel.amical.bonne organisation.ecoute des besoins. un vrai plaisir. des chauffeurs avons petits soins. évitez les intermédiaires. organisez avec Holidays-Lanka

Marlène le Bozec

Carcassonne, France

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